Noble Grand Report #33

Dear Odd Fellows and Pledges,

1. Initiation Coming Up This Wednesday. We owe it to our new members to have a GREAT turnout for their initiation into the Lodge. The initiation is this Wednesday, January 28, at a formal meeting of our Lodge. Social hour begins at 6:15 p.m. and the meeting begins at 7 p.m. Thank you to Michelle Kellogg who is organizing the food for the social hour, to Sharla Cheney and Lewis Kimble who are setting up the food, and to Dody Black and the Good Fellowship Committee for the wine, beer and soft drinks. All are invited to the social hour, but only members and the new initiates may attend the formal meeting.

2. 2015 Lodge Dues. We are reaching the end of January and member’s dues for 2015 are now payable. You may mail your dues to Duff Devine, Financial Secretary, Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, 415 Second Street, Davis CA 95616 – or you can bring your check to the meeting on January 28 and hand your dues check to Duff. Checks should be payable to “Davis Odd Fellows Lodge”. Dues are $55 per year – a bargain.

3. Club Night at the Lodge on Thursday. Sponsored by our Good Fellowship Committee, Club Night at the Lodge is back this Thursday, January 29. Note a time change for this Club Night only – it will start at 6 p.m. and go till 9 p.m. No RSVP necessary. Just come and enjoy. Dinner will be available soon after 6 p.m. for those who want it for $7 per person (it’s taco and nacho bar night), and the bar will be open.

4. Rebekah Lodge Crab Feed. Last chance to buy tickets!!! Tickets are now on sale for the annual Davis Rebekah Lodge Crab Feed (the event is February 7 at the Lodge Hall). You can even reserve an entire table for a group of 8. For more information on reserving a table, please contact me at Come on, Odd Fellows, let’s reserve some tables to help the Davis Rebekah Lodge!

5. Taste of Davis Sponsorships. Our annual Taste of Davis event is scheduled this year on Thursday, April 30. This is the major social event of the year at the Lodge, attracting hundreds of members of the public to sample the wares from local area restaurants, wineries and breweries. Sponsorships are $500 or $200, BUT we have a special “offer” for Lodge members and Pledges. If you wish to be a sponsor, you may do so for $100 – just let me know. As a $100 sponsor, you will also receive one complimentary ticket to the event. Sponsors are listed in several ads in the Enterprise, in a constantly playing slide show at the event, and in a post-event ad.

6. Thursday Live! Coming up on February 5. Our Lodge Music & Concerts Committee brings you country folk singer and song writer Rita Hosking, as well as Bluegrass with The Notorious Shank Brothers. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the music starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Lodge. The show is always open to the public and free of charge – although donations are gratefully accepted.

7. Odd Fellows Bingo Coming Up on February 8. Our last Bingo earlier this month provided about $1,500 to our beneficiary, Team Davis. Bingo has become a major donor to local community and charitable groups. Congratulations to the Odd Fellows Bingo Committee! Our next Bingo benefits YoloArts and will be Sunday, February 8, doors open at noon. I invite Odd Fellows and Pledges to come out to support Bingo and have some fun.

Lea Rosenberg
Noble Grand

Davis Odd Fellows Charities

HollyHanPierceAn ancient admonition of Odd Fellowship is to “educate the orphan”. Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc. was established to provide financial help to orphans and children who grew up in the foster care system, and wish to pursue their academic goals. Scholarships of up to $10,000 per year are available to qualified applicants who are recommended by an Odd Fellow or Rebekah Lodge member. The funding for this program comes from the family of Triffle P. and Annie G. Ivancovich. Triffle Ivancovich was a long-time Odd Fellow and Annie Ivancovich was a long-time Rebekah – both cared deeply about helping children in need, and both believed strongly in the admonition to “educate the orphan.”

“We are proud to announce the next recipient of a $10,000 scholarship,” said Davis Odd Fellows Charities, Inc., President Dave Rosenberg. “Holly Jan Pierce presented a compelling story of perseverance over adversity, and strong desire to use her education to help others. She has strong academic credentials, maintaining a 3.66 GPA. We will support her academic goals to achieve a Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree.”

Holly’s story in her own words:

“The first 11 years of my life were wonderful. I had very attentive parents who were able to express their love, affection, and joy for being my parents. At 12 years old my father started having extramarital affairs and that devastated my mother. My father left us and mother was lost emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Her entire identity was based on being a wife and mother. That was all she knew. When dad left, she sought lower companionship. There were strange men in and out of our house at weird hours of the night. I could never really figure out what was going on; I just knew something wasn’t right. On Christmas Eve there there 3 gifts under the Christmas tree. I could tell that they were brand new bed pillows; one for each of us children. As I turned towards the living room, I saw my mother going into convulsions on the couch. She was surrounded by people who seem to straggle in and out of our home. I heard one of the guys say, ‘Is she gonna die, I;ve never dealt with a heroin addict before?’ I didn’t understand the depths of what I was hearing, but I knew our lives were going to change. I felt myself enter into a dark corridor; everything I have ever known or believed in didn’t seem to matter at this point. I ran away that night. The next morning I came home prepared to face whatever life had dealt the night before. My mother was feeling better and the gifts under the tree were gone. A couple weeks later dad came back. I thought everything would go back to normal because dad was home to stay.

“Mom and dad were able to find a common ground and something to keep them together; they had found heroin, and together the 2 of them left us kids. I knew that children shouldn’t be left like this, but I had nowhere to turn. There was no one to ask for help. I called the Child Protection Services and asked if they could help me and my younger siblings stay together. They came and picked us up in police cars. It was terrifying, but at least we had each other. Once we arrived at the Children’s Receiving Home we were separated. Although we remain in close contact and see each other frequently, we have never lived together in the same house.

My parents were never able to do the things that were required for compliance and reunification according to the courts. Since then I have had 2 more little sisters, both were born addicted to heroin and promptly removed from my mother’s care. Our brother has died, as well as our mom. I make it a point to get together with my 3 younger sisters as often as possible. This last Thanksgiving was the first time that we have been able to come together as adults and cook together our first annual Thanksgiving.”

Holly graduates this year from the University of California with honors and a degree in sociology. She is pursuing an MSW and says that she is “deeply passionate about advocating for those without a voice.” Her career goal is to work for the Department of Social Services and help develop programs that serve the most at-risk populations.

Club Night Trivia

The winning team at “Mystery in History” during Club Night at the Lodge on January 22. This team won all 3 rounds against some tough competition!


Team members (left to right): Larry Guenther, Chuck White, Landy Black, John Hillis, Heather Barnes, Phil Pacca, Robb White, and Colleen Pacca. In front, little Brooklyn is photo-bombing the picture.

Davis Odd Fellows Installs Officers for 2015

2015OfficersDavisLodge169Davis Lodge #169 on January 17 held its annual Initiation and Awards Dinner at the Lodge. Over 80 attendees watched the installation of the five elected officers and the 13 appointed officers of the Lodge. Noble Grand Lea Rosenberg was installed for another term in office. Officiating at the Installation was Deputy Grand Master Dave Rosenberg and District Deputy Grand Master Dave Reed, both also Past Grands of the Lodge. Noble Grand Lea also presented 22 merit jewels to members who had made substantial contributions to the Lodge over the past year. In addition, she presented the Spirit Award to Financial Secretary Duff Devine, the Noble Grand’s Award to retiring Lodge Treasurer Penny Smith, and the Member of the Year Award to the Lodge Saturday morning breakfast crew of Vic Bucher, Rea Nakanishi, Steve Lopez and Amy Hodam.

Here is a photograph taken of most of the newly installed officers. Pictured left to right:

District Deputy Grand Master Dave Reed, Warden Doug Hatton, Conductor Sharla Cheney, RSNG Juelie Roggli, LSNG Beth Dovi, Chaplain Joyce Trujillo, Inside Guardian Debbie Friend, Noble Grand Lea Rosenberg, Vice Grand Alekka Fullerton, Outside Guaridan Dennis Corcoran, Right Scene Supporter Christopher Young, Left Scene Supporter Jenna Templeton, Musician Mary Superak, Color Bearer Darrell Pereira, LSVG Robin Dewey, and Deputy Grand Master Dave Rosenberg.