50 Million Step Challenge Update

A few months ago, Dave Rosenberg challenged the Lodge to “walk  completely around Planet Earth”.  He challenged the Lodge, collectively, to walk 50 million steps – that is the equivalent of  25,000 miles, or approximately once around the earth at the Equator.  Dave asked Lodge members to keep track of their steps using pedometers, or fit-bits, or other step recording devices.  Sharla Cheney volunteered to keep track of the steps, and participants e-mail Sharla – typically once each week – with their total counts.  This challenge was made in good fun, but also as a way to promote good health.

The Lodge started with 50 Odd Fellows, Pledges and family members participating in the “50 million Step Challenge”.  Since that time, the number of participants has dwindled to about half that number.  Some report their steps to Sharla on regular basis, and Sharla has designated those regular participants as winners of the “Tenacity Awards”.  A few others report their steps sporadically.  The #1 leader in steps (with over 3 million) is Tim Carroll; Pledge Kathy Rose is #2 with over 2 million steps; and her husband Pledge Pat Rose is #3 with just a shade 
under 2 million steps; Juelie Roggli is #4 with over 1.6 million steps; and Bill Grabert is right behind at #5 with over 1.5 million steps. Several other participants are very close behind.

Winners of the Tenacity Awards are:

Tim Carroll
Ann Carroll
Sharla Cheney
Landy Black
Beth Dovi
Bob Dovi
Bill Grabert
Mary Mallory Rogers
Joel Mandel
Peter Pascoe
Juelie Roggli
Kathy Rose
Pat Rose
Dave Rosenberg
Lea Rosenberg
Chuck White
Diane Wilkinson

Total step count as of August 18, 2014 was 26,511,585.  We are over half way to our goal of 50,000,000 steps!

As we go into the final laps of our step count, we would WELCOME new participants (or welcome back original participants who got distracted).  Just send your weekly step count to Sharla Cheney at shcheney@gmail.com.  Help the Davis Lodge walk around the Earth.

Odd Fellows Club Night – Every Thursday

OddFellowsClubNightSmEvery Thursday evening, the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge opens its doors to members, applicants, and their friends and family, for some relaxing social time.  The bar is open, dinner is available for those who wish to partake, the big-screen television is on, table games are available, a Wii is often set up for those who want a video game challenge, lounge chairs are set up, and participants just have a good time.    An activity is always scheduled – sometimes its trivia night, poker night, charades, bunco, karaoke.  This weekly endeavor is called “Club Night at the Lodge” and its organized by the Davis Lodge’s Good Fellowship Committee.

Recently, during poker night the big winner was Noble Grand Lea Rosenberg (pictured next to her loot) and surrounded by the other players at her table.  Who knew Lea was such a card shark?

If you haven’t visited “Club Night at the Lodge”, you don’t know what you are missing.  Come by on Thursday evenings between 5 and 8 p.m.

The Future of Odd Fellowship

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have written many articles about the slow and steady decline in membership that we’ve seen in the Odd Fellows Lodges in California and throughout the United States for the past three generations. We all know the scenario, and the efforts that are being made (recently, with some measure of success) to slow, stop and ultimately reverse that trend. As we all should recognize by now, the decline cannot be halted by continuing to do business as usual. That “business-as-usual” approach hasn’t worked for the past 64 years, and won’t suddenly work just because we repeat it in the 65th, 66th or 67th year. To succeed in the 21st Century, our Odd Fellows Lodges must become three-dimensional Lodges emphasizing not only our history, heritage and ritual, but also opening the doors of our Lodges to reach out into our local communities with good works, and reaching out to our members to bring back the social and fun aspects of belonging to a fraternity. Continue reading

Davis Odd Fellows Bingo Enters 8th Year

Davis Encampment At BingoThe Davis Lodge #169 Bingo Committee is entering its 8th year hosting live Bingo for the community. The Lodge Bingo Committee presents Bingo every month on the second Sunday, doors opening at 12 noon and Bingo beginning at 1 p.m., usually running till 4 p.m. Typically 60-90 members of the public travel to the Davis Lodge Hall to play Bingo. Winners of each game receive cash, up to $250 in the final “blackout” Bingo game.

In addition to the cash prizes to winners, the Davis Lodge Bingo Committee donates proceeds every month to a community group. Over the course of the year, the committee donates over $8,000 to these charitable and community groups, making it one of the major ways the Lodge supports the community.

Davis Bingo was the idea of long-time Lodge member Dave Rosenberg, who implemented it when he served as Noble Grand. Over the past seven years, it is estimated that Davis Bingo has contributed well over $50,000 to the community, plus afforded community members many hours of bingo fun. Davis Bingo has also developed a loyal following of players.

In addition to Bingo, the committee presents free door prizes to the players, instant win pull-tab games are available, and the committee runs a snack bar for participants.

Bingo at the Davis Lodge was approved, pursuant to the California statutory framework, by the Davis City Council. The Davis Lodge is the only entity in Davis permitted by law to operate real bingo with cash prizes.

Active members of the Bingo Committee include co-chairs Salie Yin and Eric Davis, and members Lea and Dave Rosenberg, Penny Smith, Melinda Hillis, Diana Schmiegel, Stewart Savage, Heather Barnes, John-Paul Montreuil, Janis Samms, Jeff Oblinger, Rick Gonzales, Crystal Junge, Diane Steele, and Robert Dick.